Thematic Areas

Climate Resilient Livelihood and Business Development

ECI is actively committed to enhancing the capacity for the design and implementation of climate-resilient livelihood and business development programs. Recognizing the imperative of inclusivity for the long-term sustainability of enterprise interventions, ECI initiated a strategic shift in 2002. This involved extending its focus beyond organizational staff to include the training of selected community members who now serve as enterprise trainers and business development support providers (BDSPs).
In collaboration with esteemed organizations such as UNDP, BLEP, GIZ, and others, ECI has played a pivotal role in advancing the field of climate-resilient livelihood and business development. The organization’s approach involves successive training sessions and on-the-job mentoring to ensure a comprehensive skill set among individuals.
Presently, ECI boasts a robust Associate network comprising over 200 Community-based Enterprise Development Professionals strategically positioned across all districts nationwide.

Education, as envisioned by ECI, transcends the mere acquisition of knowledge; it is a transformative process that instills values, develops attitudes, and fosters skills and behaviors essential for individuals to coexist harmoniously with others and with oneself. With an explicit commitment to promoting peace and ensuring education for all, ECI’s mission has evolved to include initiatives that propagate messages of peace, tolerance, and awareness among diverse communities.
Collaborating with esteemed partners such as PMS, REEDS, and SRSO, ECI has been actively engaged in projects that bridge the nexus between education and peace. The organization has directed specific attention toward women’s emancipation and empowerment, recognizing the pivotal role of education in fostering positive change. Additionally, ECI has collaborated with organizations like BSR and DAI to actively participate in the cause of women’s empowerment, demonstrating a tangible dedication to advancing peace, digital education, and life skills among the marginalized sections of society.

Peace, Digital Education and Life Skills
Governance and Institutional Strengthening

ECI has been at the forefront of capacity-building programs and training initiatives, catering to institutions spanning a diverse spectrum – from well-established multinational employers to members of emerging rural organizations. In every instance, ECI has consistently left a positive impact on participants, enhancing their knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards the work environment, stakeholders, and institutions.
Through its endeavors in governance and institutional strengthening, ECI actively contributes to the development of not just individuals but also the systems and structures that underpin successful collaboration.

In response to the global call for a healthier lifestyle, ECI has been a trailblazer in incorporating “Health & Nutrition” into its portfolio, aligning with the collective goal of promoting well-being worldwide. The organization has been at the forefront, mobilizing communities, building capacity, and fostering awareness about healthy living in both rural and urban settings across Pakistan. ECI’s targeted efforts extend to young children, adolescents, parents, and school teachers, aiming to instigate attitudinal changes regarding the crucial concepts of Health & Nutrition.

In collaboration with Nutrition International, ECI has played a pivotal role in developing materials geared towards promoting healthy trends among the masses. However, ECI’s commitment to a holistic approach goes beyond physical health—it extends to ensuring the safety and protection of children. ECI recognizes the paramount importance of child protection in securing the future of the country. To fulfill this commitment, ECI actively designs and develops curricula aimed at creating awareness among children, parents, teachers, and society as a whole.

Health, Nutrition and Safety
Technical services for Microfinance and FinTech

ECI strategically expanded its thematic areas to address the critical need for upscaling skill development in “basic numeracy and bookkeeping.” Recognizing that the impact on the household level was not as evident as desired, and acknowledging the necessity for enhanced financial management skills, ECI took proactive measures to refine its focus. This led to the evolution of “Financial Literacy” into a more comprehensive framework centered around “Financial Health.” Subsequently, ECI established a specialized portfolio dedicated to “Technical Services for Microfinance.”
As ECI progresses in this domain, the organization remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements, particularly in the realm of FinTech. By leveraging technology and adopting innovative approaches, ECI is poised to make lasting contributions to the financial inclusion and empowerment of individuals, ensuring a resilient and thriving financial ecosystem.

Conducting research and evaluation constitutes a pivotal aspect of any project or study. ECI plays a crucial role by offering comprehensive research and evaluation services to various organizations, aiding them in comprehending the impact of their projects.
Embracing a mixed-method approach, we employ diverse evidence collection techniques such as interviews, focus groups, observations, case studies, surveys, and statistical analysis of administrative data. This multifaceted approach ensures the generation of robust evidence regarding the impact of any service or program, accompanied by thorough documentation. ECI’s commitment to research and evaluation is underscored by its collaboration with esteemed organizations like NOAD, The Dred Hollows Foundation, and REEDS, where we have undertaken various research and evaluation assignments.

Research Monitoring and Evaluation

Empowering Individuals and Enabling Institutions for Progressive Growth

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