Thematic Areas

Resilient Livelihood and Enterprise Development


Providing marginalized communities access to resilient livelihood opportunities at the grassroots level that withstand the impact of disruptive events and include asset based community development and individual/partnership/cooperative model of enterprises for sustainable socio-economic development. Since 1989, livelihood and enterprise development being our core operational area, we have been serving both national and international audiences and carved a niche for ourselves in the development sector.

Promoting messages of peace, tolerance and awareness among the masses and developing soft skills, attitudes and behaviors that are conducive for a respectful and harmonious environment at the household, community and institutional level. ECI uses Education and awareness as basic tools to mitigate the challenges of violence and unemployment by promoting peace and providing life skills based education.

Peace Education and Life Skills
Good Governance and Institutional Strengthening

Capacitating the staff of public and private institutions on rudiments of transparent resource management, effective decision-making and other aspects of organizational development by adopting a bottom-up approach for structural strengthening, ECI is working on ‘Good Governance’ strengthening the capacity of elected representatives, promoting a vibrant, diverse & independent government, thus translating commitment into action. In order to fulfill the objectives of propagating good governance and strengthening institutions, ECI capitalizes upon its specialization in designing strategic training programs that translate complex concepts into training material for different audiences spanning micro-meso-macro levels.

Encompasses rights, advocacy and socio-economic development of all genders, including the poorest of the poor, vulnerable and disabled persons. ECI focuses on capacity building of different gender groups in order to increase their visibility, accessibility and control over resources

Gender and Women Development
Health and Nutrition

Mobilizing and capacitating individuals on the significance of a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet, especially among the rural communities. Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) believes that every human has an equal right to life, equal access to adequate & nutritious food and freedom from hunger.

Delivering value-added solutions and providing technical expertise to the microfinance sector. Technical Advisory Services (TAS) is a growing thematic area of ECI (Empowerment thru Creative Integration) for capacity building of staff of MFIs. In order to achieve the goals of capacity building of the staff of MFIs, ECI designs tailored advisory services in the areas of institutional development, expanding product diversity beyond simple short-term credit instruments, reaching beyond urban centers, and diversifying funding sources.

Technical Advisory Services for Microfinance
Child Protection

Ensuring health and education opportunities for children while giving them protection from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. ECI believes in protecting the future of our country by ensuring child protection. To achieve this aim ECI designs and develops curriculum to create awareness in children, their parents teachers and society as a whole. ECI works on advocacy, laws, policies, regulations and services needed across all social sectors – especially social welfare, education, health and security – to support prevention and response to protection-related risks. These systems are part of social protection, and extend beyond it.

Research monitoring and evaluation is a growing expertise of ECI. We offer customized studies based on client’s specific needs. ECIs research evaluation and monitoring team includes internationally certified assessors who have competencies in designing research instruments and evaluation tools. The firm has a senior panel of monitoring experts and a field team of trained research associates and enumerators in all major districts of Pakistan who have expertise in conducting KIIs, FGDs and household interviews. The firm specializes in designing and conducting research programs related to:

Research Monitoring and Evaluation

Empowering Individuals and Enabling Institutions for Progressive Growth

Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) is a Pakistan-based training and consultancy firm with a mission to develop capacities of individuals and institutes in order to bring about socio-economic transformation in their respective areas.


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