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Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) is ISO 9001:2015 certified and consultancy firm working since 1989 with a mission to develop capacities of individuals, institutes and communities in order to bring about socio-economic transformation in their respective areas by turning them into responsible, empowered and active citizens of the world. We pride ourselves on being national market leaders in development-sector training programs. The organization focuses its work on seven thematic areas of expertise.

The organization has over 33 years of national and international experience in a vast spectrum of services including strategic planning, institutional development, project design & implementation and research & evaluation.


Our mission to bring about sustainable socio economic change through capacity development initiatives for empowering individuals, institutions and communities.


We seek a world where institutions communities and individuals are more empowered and poverty inequality and discrimination has been overcome.

The organization’s philosophy and values are interwoven in its very name


Individuals and enabling institution for progressive growth


Providing creative solutions for socio-economic problems.


Marginalized groups within the social fabric.

Why Choose Us

In-house Material Design Unit

The organization has decades of experience in designing need-based material. A signature ECI-designed material is developed by an in-house team of curriculum-design professionals in collaboration with relevant technical experts. With 12000+ visuals in our database, we make the best visualized, and illustrated IEC material.

In-house Master Trainers

Having highly competent IFC certified master trainers on board, ECI has a skilled training team of expert trainers who are the top players in their field of expertise. Our network of experienced trainers can deliver trainings at grass root level in regional languages for a range of audiences including semi to non-literate persons from community, development field staff and professionals.

Diverse Team

Our strength lies in the combined capacity of brilliant minds of our team who bring a wide range of competencies and expertise to deliver quality results. A diverse blend of enterprise experts, mental health professionals, management specialists, material design experts and social scientists – our core team is fully equipped to cater various social issues.

Top Consultants

We have a diverse panel of experts from various disciplines. Being the masterminds of development sector, our consultants provide technical input on ideological and philosophical level to the organization.

One-stop Shop

We are known nationally and internationally for our premier consultancy services. Be it project conceptualization or design, implementation or evaluation, research or monitoring, conceptualization or printing, curriculum design or trainings; at ECI we do it all under one roof.

Cost Effectiveness

With our extensive experience of in-house services, we offer a wide variety of services that are tailor-made, catering to every detail of the project effectively in a time-efficient manner while assuring premium quality services designed and delivered under your budget.

Our Value

We are committed to the goal of achieving an empowered society

We believe in fostering an environment of synergy and cohesion, as we strive together to deliver the best results

In our work rigidity has no place. Our team of dynamic and adaptable individuals are always committed to channel their inner creativity

Candor, rectitude and honor are our core principles on which we never compromise

In an ever evolving world, we ensure to stay abreast with the latest advancements through our highly qualified and diverse team

3 decades of experience has morphed us in into an inherently perceptive organization that I always ready to expand its horizon

For us, responsibility begins at home. You will find our teams committed to excellence while ensuring transparency

We believe that the best work comes from heart and for that zeal and work centrality is the mantra we believe in

Regard and recognition for our team and our clients is our motto. We believe in an environment which ensures esteem and honor for all

Outreach Map

This map shows the different geographical locations where ECI has worked so far

ECI Team

Saleem Jahangir

Managing Director/CEO

Anum Mughal

Director Client Relations

Shahid Rasool Qazi

Director Admin and Finance

Empowering Individuals and Enabling Institutions for Progressive Growth

Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) is a Pakistan-based training and consultancy firm with a mission to develop capacities of individuals and institutes in order to bring about socio-economic transformation in their respective areas.


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