Material Design

Material design is, an expertise and service, offered by ECI to a wide range of clients. As both stand-alone projects as well as integrated within the organizations’ projects. Our training modules stand out as excellent tools and resource materials for both facilitators and participants while implementing large-scale training roll-outs.

A typical ECI-designed training curriculum is developed by an in-house team of curriculum-design professionals in collaboration with relevant technical experts. Key contents are supplemented by a range of experiential activities suitable for the target audience. A curriculum design package includes a step-by-step instruction manual for trainers, a visualized, illustrated and colorful handbook for participants as well as a range of supporting material including props, posters and or banners.

The organization has decades of experience of designing need-based training programs for a range of audiences including semi to non-literate persons from community, development field staff and professionals.

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Material Design and Development

ECI has gained national and international acclaim for this service.

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Mass Media Services

ECI designs, develops and airs nationwide mass media campaigns, developing innovative content for media campaigns exclusively designed to meet project needs.

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Cascade Trainings

Till now, ECI has rolled out over 95 cascade trainings. rolled out over 95 cascade trainings.

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Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Research, monitoring and evaluation is a growing expertise of ECI. We offer customized studies based on client’s specific needs. research evaluation ....

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Printing and Stationary Services

To date, ECI has provided printing and stationery services for over 200 projects

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Long Term Technical Assistance

The firm has several long-term innovative projects in its portfolio where our team conceptualizes these ideas.

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